Born in Brooklyn and raised on Long Island, Gregg grew up writing songs and playing guitar in rock bands.  His affection for music goes back as far as his memory allows him.  “I just remember listening to my parent's records from the 60s and 70s and having this deep desire to create music even when I didn’t know how.  When I was like eight or nine my older sister got a guitar for her birthday and the instrument just mesmerized me.  Needless to say, I couldn’t put that guitar down and it eventually became mine.” 

​As an accomplished guitarist Gregg spent a great deal of time in recording studios working as a session guitar player on numerous projects. He also performed throughout Manhattan with his band and as a solo acoustic act.

With an affinity for the acoustic guitar and a penchant for songwriting his perspective on life soon shifted and so did his geography.   “When my son was born my wife and I were both like man, there’s gotta be somewhere better than this.  I think we both knew deep down where we belonged and where we wanted our son to grow up." Fast forward a few years and Gregg is now living in Nashville.  “I feel like I have arrived.”  he says. “I’m living in the greatest songwriting environment with the greatest writers on the planet and the musicianship here in Nashville is second to none.  This city has welcomed me with open arms and I’m ready for the challenge.”

Whether up-tempo banjo-driven kicking rockers or singer/songwriter acoustic ballads, Gregg creates lyrics and melodies with economy and punch.  He has multiple songs on hold with platinum recording artists as well as network television shows.  You can find Gregg performing his music around the Nashville area.